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All you need to know about us is that we’re here for you. We’re at work for you 24/7.  Yes—even on Kwanza, Christmas, Passover, and… Ground Hog’s Day.

The bottom line?  We ensure that you have easier access to the data and applications that your business depends upon.

Get ahead of the problem.

The reality is: we’re also here to help you solve a problem that you might not think you have.  Yet.  But…

We’re willing to bet that a day is coming when you’ll be glad you have us by your side.  You rely so much on your technology—and it’s always changing.  So don’t try to wear too many hats.

Let us run your IT so YOU can run your business!

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About CellularOne

You may have heard of us.  We’ve been in the Four Corners, Gallup and Northern Arizona for the past 20 years.  We’ve built an extensive mobile network in this region—the biggest here.  And we’ve just spent $40 million to expand our coverage by another 30% and provide lightning fast data speeds.

We’re changing what’s possible for businesses, schools, municipalities, healthcare, and emergency services here in the Four Corners and across Northern Arizona.We are proud to deliver greater connectivity, better security, and faster speeds—all of which make business more efficient and profitable and life better for those who live and work here.

About Another 9

Another 9 has teamed up with Cellular One to provide world class “soup to nuts” IT solutions for businesses and organizations in the Southwest.

The company is a globally-recognized Cloud Computing consulting firm and provider of Cloud Computing services.

Another 9’s Cloud Service Platform properly addresses and conforms to two vital requirements: compliance and security.

Their clients include commercial banks, hedge funds and private equity partnerships, insurance companies, legal firms, utilities, healthcare, consumer products, B2B commerce as well as public sector bodies and non-profit organizations. In a nutshell: people who need secure, always accessible, resilient cloud services.