Our Cloud is Your Cloud...

And Your Peace of Mind.

Cloud Backup + C1 Drive

If your server went down today...

What would that mean to your organization?  At a minimum: a whole lot of twiddling of thumbs—which translates into frustrated customers and lost revenue.

But if your server is stolen, damaged, or corrupted… yikes! The thought is bone-chilling. Most of us can’t even fathom what it would mean to lose our data—contacts, files, databases. Poof. Gone.

Get ahead of the problem.

Cloud Backup is a simple, secure way of avoiding data loss, whether through fire, theft, file corruption or some other unforeseen accident.  It’s your own fully-automated, highly-secured (Tier III) off-site data storage facility for files, folders, or the entire contents of your hard drive.  All of your vital data is safe and you enjoy greater peace of mind.

Enjoy convenient file access.

While our Cloud Backup provides you with peace of mind, our C1 Drive (sitting on your Cloud) provides incredible convenience, helps you to be nimble, and saves you time.  All you need is an internet connection and your password—and you can easily access your files from your desktop, tablet or on your smartphone.

C1 Drive works with all the files, folders, pictures and apps your team already uses to be productive. Just create a shared folder and start collaborating instantly. 

And of course—security is locked in. C1 Drive is designed with multiple layers of protection, including:

  • Encryption
  • Secure data transfer
  • Network configuration
  • Application and user-level controls