Disaster Recovery as a Service

You just never know when disaster might strike.  Whether it’s a fire, a flood, or maybe even a nasty virus—wouldn’t it be good to know that your data is safely backed up in ‘real time’?  And isn’t it also important to get back up and running very quickly?  “Absolutely,” you say.

It is critical, therefore, that your company be prepared.  We can help to develop your Disaster Recovery Plan, which will provide clear directives for the recovery and protection of your data and your IT setup in disaster scenarios.

But that’s not all.  Our data hosting facility was designed and built to International Tier III standards—that’s military grade protection.  More details follow.

Your Data, in a State-of-the-Art Fortress

  • Dispersion System
  • Fire suppression system using FM200 Inert Gas
  • Hurricane-proof to withstand Category 5
  • Earthquake-resistant –classified as a Category 4 structure
  • Hot – Cold aisle containment to maximize cooling efficiency
  • Diverse PDUs backed by high capacity UPS
  • Isolated and highly secure power supplies with backup generators, which are located away from main building
  • Multi-path high bandwidth data communications providing redundancy via multiple service providers
  • N+1 Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) system– monitored for temperature and humidity at our NOC