Have eyes on Your Mobile Workforce.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (“MDM”) is an empowering, easy-to-use interface that gives you an eagle eye view of each mobile device that’s at work for your company.  It also ensures the security of the data accessible on those smartphones and tablets.  If a device is stolen or missing then you simply wipe it remotely so none of your valuable company data is pilfered or exposed to fraud, etc.

What MDM can do for Your Business.

  • Protects your business from information loss
  • Allows easy setup of company devices
  • Increases productivity
  • Provides employees with a more secure way of accessing company data
  • Keeps tight controls on where a device can be used through GEO Fencing 

Did we mention that MDM is really flexible?  We can help create a custom “MDM architecture” that best suits your needs.

Here's what MDM allows you to see.

  • Device name
  • Phone number
  • Serial number
  • Model name and number
  • Capacity and space available
  • Installed apps
  • Location