Full Circle IT

Internet + Managed IT Services + Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS).

What do you need to have a good, productive day at work? Besides 3 cups of coffee.

You need your technology to work for you.  On the most fundamental level that requires a high speed internet connection that you can count on to be UP and running.  In two words: fast, dependable.

Think you have this covered?  Well, there are a number of options you might not know about (including backup internet service).  Let us give you the skinny on what’s available today.  You may be surprised.

Of course there’s so much more (than how you get Internet) to consider in your organization’s “technology eco-system” today.  That’s why it’s now so important to have a seasoned IT resource at your side to help you understand your options, keep it all cost effective, guide you through the changes, and set you up for growth.

Good for Business.

• Professional IT team dedicated to you
• Onsite and remote support
• Increased available working capital (We’ll explain why…)
• Regularly updated and patched software
• Professional installation and configuration of new systems
• Timely replacement of any broken computer hardware
• Complete virus protection
• 99.99% uptime guarantee

Is your business growing?

Depending upon the size of your organization, you may need a more dedicated internet connection.  You might also need data transport between multiple locations.  You might need a complete end-to-end IT solution— including servers, desktops, notebooks, network setup, software and licensing.  And of course, on-going unlimited tech support would be nice too—wouldn’t it?!   With us, you’ve got it.

Sound expensive? It's not.

Working capital has never been more critical than it is today, given the state of our economy—nor is that fact likely to change in the near future, particularly for small businesses. We’d be happy to explain how you can now pay for your technology as a service instead of as a Capital Expense.

Yes, we can give you a complete end-to-end IT solution—which can include servers, desktops, notebooks, infrastructure components, licensing, unlimited support and much more—all in one manageable monthly payment.  No large up-front costs.  And that meansyou enjoy another annual tax write off because your technology is now considered an Operating Expense rather than a Capital Cost.